Mission Statement

The mission of AMA ESD is to serve and support student achievement.

Statement of Vision

The vision of AMA Educational Service District is that:

  • Our primary focus is to support the efforts of our local districts and communities to ensure every child achieves his or her fullest potential.
  • Every school we serve is of such high quality that kids are excited to come to school and parents are proud to send them.
  • Every decision we make is based on the best interests of children.
  • All students leave our schools prepared to contribute and compete in a global society.

Guiding Beliefs

We believe …
… we are here to serve all children.
… each student can learn and deserves the best education possible.
… decisions are to be based upon best practice.
… parents are key partners in the success of their children.
… collaboration with our communities is essential.
… all services must be delivered with excellence and integrity.
… everyone deserves dignity and respect.