Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The AMA ESD Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is composed of a group of parents of students with disabilities from Alpena, Alcona, Atlanta, and Hillman school districts plus Pied Piper. Together, this group works to provide a supportive environment for students, families, and educators that will help each student achieve their potential.

Parents often find their greatest support in other parents who are in a similar situation. PAC members work as a resource for others who are unfamiliar with Special Education programs/services or are looking for information that might support the special needs of their child. PAC meets quarterly to develop resources to support parents of students with disabilities.

PAC VISION STATEMENT: PAC is a pro-active alliance, designed to empower and educate parents, students, and professionals in a mutually beneficial partnership.  

PAC MISSION STATEMENT: We are a committee, promoting and assuring a partnership between families and professionals in the education of students with disabilities.

Alcona: TBA

Alpena: Jamie McClintic

Atlanta: TBA

Hillman: Peggi Armstrong

Pied Piper: Heather Gagnon

State and Federal Resources

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education

MDE Family Matters: Family Matters provides parents and families with information about special education and other resources. 

Agencies and organizations that work with families and schools to support students with disabilities:

Michigan Alliance for Families
A parent group that works directly with families across the state.

Statewide Autism Resources and Training (START) Project
Works with schools, community partners, and families to support students with ASD.

Michigan Special Education Mediation Services (SEMS)
Mediators help resolve disagreements between parents and schools.

IDEA Grant Funded Initiatives
Various initiatives funded by the Office of Special Education to enhance its support for special education in Michigan.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS)
MRS helps individuals with disabilities enter the workforce.

Center for Parent Information and Resources
A federally-funded center that assists other parent training centers.