A Great Start for All Children in Alpena, Montmorency, & Alcona Counties

About Us

The Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is a collection of people like you. It belongs to you and anyone who is a member of the community.

The Great Start Collaborative of Alpena, Montmorency, and Alcona counties are made up of wide variety of both community organizations and leaders from each county that have a special interest in Early Childhood Investment. We are representatives from local businesses, health care, education, higher education, non-profit, court systems, human services, and parents who are carrying out a plan to address the needs of young children within our Northeast Michigan Communities. 


The Love and Logic approach to parenting is built around the science of caring and respectful relationships. An authentic, loving connection between parents and their children forms the foundation of good behavior and healthy decision-making.

Angie Bruning holds a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education, which focuses on providing families parenting support tools.  Angie is also the mother of 2 teenagers, and has been using Love & Logic for the past 15 years - including a daughter with a rare genetic disorder and oppositional behavior.  Her experience includes youth & family casework, home visiting, and preschool and kindergarten co-teaching.  

Angie is passionate about making the tough job of parenting easier for ALL families!   

These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.