Rummage Sale

The Pied Piper community came together for a successful rummage sale over the recent winter break.  

Residents from across the AMA ESD region showed up to the sale, and the Pied Piper building was able to part ways with unused, old, or otherwise obsolete items. 

Justin Gluesing, Superintendent of AMA ESD, praised the collective efforts of the community and expressed his appreciation for the impact the rummage sale had on the facility.  "The success of the Pied Piper Rummage Sale reflects the incredible spirit of community here. More than just raising funds, the sale allowed us to create valuable space needed for the upcoming renovation. My thanks to the Pied Piper staff for ensuring the facility is ready for the enhancements planned for summer 2024."

Approximately $2,000 was raised, and the funds will be returned to the Pied Piper building. 

"There's a real chance to do another sale in the spring, just before the end of the school year," Gluesing added.  "While this was a great first step, there's still a lot of work to do before the renovations can start in June."