Jumpstart to Kindergarten flyer

The AMA ESD Great Start Collaborative hosts a Jumpstart to Kindergarten program for families each year to ensure a smoother transition into school for soon-to-be kindergarteners and preschoolers. The event promises to be a fun event for families and their children, offering an opportunity to participate in fun math, literacy, and social-emotional activities to prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Families attending the event will receive a special kit containing materials to encourage learning at home through games and play-based activities. The event also provides a space for families to ask questions and gain insights into the expectations for preschool or kindergarten directly from AMA ESD, NEMCSA Headstart, and local preschool staff. The collaborative effort ensures that families are well-equipped to support their child's educational journey from the very beginning.

Jumpstart to Kindergarten is an annual program. It was originally created in response to requests from childcare providers.  The program has evolved with the help of survey feedback from families, input from facilitators, and Great Start Collaborative members. Annually reviewing this data ensures that the program remains dynamic and adaptive to the changing needs and research to better support families and childcare providers in nurturing their children's development and readiness for early education.

One parent shared, "The Jumpstart program helped my daughter feel more confident in the basic building blocks for kindergarten. The guide with the kit was easy to use and understand when working with my soon-to-be kindergartener." This firsthand experience highlights the program's effectiveness in building confidence and providing user-friendly resources for families.

If you know a soon-to-be preschooler or kindergartner in Alpena, Montmorency, or Alcona, please see the attached flyer for locations, dates, and times. You can text “Jumpstart” to 989-250-2907 to register.