Alpena, Michigan - [May 23, 2024] – The Northeast Michigan Teacher Pipeline, a collaborative initiative between Alpena Community College (ACC), Northern Michigan University (NMU), and Central Michigan University (CMU), is celebrating the successful completion of its first semester. This partnership aims to address the regional teacher shortage by creating streamlined pathways for students pursuing careers in education.

Since the partnership was announced last October, ACC has identified "2+" pathways with NMU and CMU for students interested in elementary education. These pathways allow students to complete their first two years at ACC before transferring to NMU or CMU to complete their bachelor's degrees. Teacher pathways for secondary education programs are in the early planning stages and will be worked on in the coming year.

Dr. Paige Gordier, Vice President of Instruction at ACC, praised the collaboration, stating, "This partnership is a significant step toward addressing the teacher shortage in our region. By providing clear and accessible pathways, we are empowering our students and ensuring that our local schools have the qualified educators they need."

A highlight of the first semester was the launch of a new course at ACC, History 123 - History and Exploration of Embattled Profession: Introduction to Education. Designed to introduce students to the teaching profession, the course has been well-received by students across the region.

Amanda Campbell Crawford, an ACC instructor who teaches HST 123, commented on the course's success, saying, "The new HST 123 course has been an incredible journey for both the students and myself. It dives deep into the history of education in the United States while connecting it to modern-day experiences of educators, students, admin, and staff.  It has sparked a genuine interest and passion for teaching among our students."

One student, Kaitlyn Noiles, reflected on her experience. "HST 123 has allowed me to gain a positive perspective on teaching. I appreciated being surrounded by students who had the desire to learn about the history of teaching and an instructor who was able to connect those historical components to modernity. This course has prepared me and others for what education as a profession looks like, and it has enhanced my desire to explore within the field of education."

Another student, Noah Young, reflected on his experience. "HST 123 has been a unique and impactful class. It lays the foundation for teaching and education in America. It addresses the big questions about teacher pay, unions, and inclusion. It only strengthened my desire to pursue a career in education. I have more confidence entering the field today, having been a part of this course

As the Northeast Michigan Teacher Pipeline grows, ACC, NMU, and CMU remain committed to expanding opportunities and support for aspiring teachers. 

For general questions about the Northeast Michigan Teacher Pipeline, please contact Dr. Paige Gordier, ACC Vice President of Instruction at 989-358-7458.

About Alpena Community College: Alpena Community College is a comprehensive community college located in Alpena, Michigan.  ACC offers two-year degrees, one-year certificates, customized corporate training, and community education to all of Northeast Michigan. 

About Central Michigan University: Central Michigan University is a leading public research institution located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. CMU offers nearly 300 academic programs at the undergraduate, masters, specialist, and doctoral levels and across a wide range of academic fields, including business, education, health professions, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, STEM, and more.

About Northern Michigan University: Northern Michigan University, located in Marquette, Michigan, is a four-year public university offering over 170 degree programs, including 25 graduate programs.  NMU is one of the most affordable public universities in Michigan. 

About Alpena, Montmorency, and Alcona Educational Service District (AMA ESD): The AMA ESD serves students and local school districts in Northeast Michigan. The AMA provides business services for some of our smaller districts, leadership and program support for all our districts in early childhood education, instructional coaching, student intervention supports, and special education - our largest support area.