On Thursday, AMA ESD leaders met with representatives of Kingscott Architects and Clark Construction to review initial timelines for the Pied Piper Renewal and Modernization Project.  

Initial work on the design and cost estimating will begin in February when design team members will be on-site at Pied Piper to gather detailed measurements and hear from stakeholders.  

"Preconstruction planning is a critical step in launching the project," Superintendent Justin Gluesing said.  "This is where we vision and share ideas about what's possible and what improvements we want to see for our students and staff.  

The AMA ESD Board of Education has set a preliminary budget of $750,000 - $1,250,000 for the construction and renovation at Pied Piper.  Actual construction is planned for the summer of 2024.

"We want the project to have a classroom focus," Gluesing added. "We have a tremendous opportunity to revitalize and even reinvent our learning environments."