Alpena elementary leadership teams are hard at work strengthening their positive behavior systems! They dedicated two days this summer to engage in professional learning and collaboration at the AMA ESD to have a stronger start next fall. Good work Alpena!!
2 days ago, Meaghan Gauthier
Alpena Elementary Teams Hard at Work!
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8 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
AMAzing People Doing AMAzing Things #beAMAzing
10 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
AMAzing People Doing AMAzing Things #beAMAzing
12 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
AMAzing People Doing AMAzing Things #beAMAzing
16 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
The AMA ESD, in partnership with MAISA, held our first Math Learning Lab at Wilson Elementary. Eight teachers came together to learn and observe a math routine called Number Corner in Sarah Knoodle's 1st-grade classroom. Sarah, with support from her instructional coach, Brandie Gapske, has spent the year focused on the implementation of this daily math routine, as well as the Essential Instructional Practices in Early Mathematics. We are so thankful they were willing to open their doors for other teachers to learn from their experience and see the instructional practices in action. We look forward to hosting more Learning Labs in our districts in the years to come! #beAMAzing #MiMathEssentials
17 days ago, Shellie Gohl
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18 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
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22 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
AMAESD School Social Workers are proud to advocate, support and empower all students!
22 days ago, Kaitlynn Kowalski
School Social Workers from AMAESD pose for a photo in matching shirts.
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29 days ago, Jessica Pilarski
The AMA ESD is hosting 2 fun-filled Literacy Nights for families with children ages 0-5, including adult-child activities and tips. Each family can take home a beautiful set of nearly 30 books for their Home Library! Register by June 11th, at #beAMAzing #AMAgsc #LiteracyEssentials
30 days ago, Angela Bruning
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about 1 month ago, Jessica Pilarski
May is Mental Health Awareness Month! It's an opportunity to bring attention to the importance of our mental health and promote open conversations about it. The students in Atlanta are helping spread awareness by sharing how they are, KIND TO THEIR MINDS! #beAMAzing #31nTherapy
about 1 month ago, Kasandra Showalter
May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
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about 1 month ago, Jessica Pilarski
Transition night
As our inaugural Pied Piper Esports Spring Season concludes, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated staff, talented players, supportive parents, and the community. Your involvement made this season a success. See you in the fall! #beAMAzing
about 1 month ago, AMAESD3
Photo of Pied Piper Esports Staff and Students
Exciting News! Thanks to the generous donation from Hunter's Harvest, the STARS Reading Intervention Program at the AMA ESD was able to recently expand its “book store” collection! The students were excited to have additional titles to choose from. Together, we're making a difference, one book at a time! #beAMAzing #HuntersHarvest #CommunitySupport
about 1 month ago, Hilary Robinette
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about 2 months ago, Jessica Pilarski
Sand tray therapy is a creative and non-threatening way for children (and adults!) to express their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The use of miniatures in the sand can assist them in processing through difficult things and find healing and acceptance over time. Some of the 31n School-based Mental Health providers across the AMA ESD use this type of therapy when working with students. #beAMAzing
about 2 months ago, Lauren Tallant
Sand tray
Relationships matter: Pictured below is our Happy "Bookiversary" tour day Julie Bastow and Shellie Gohl deliver a new book and a sweet treat to the Classroom Library Participants from the last two years. The tour was a delightful surprise to the teachers involved. It was exciting to see classroom libraries continuing to go strong in these classrooms! Kids win when teacher learning has impact that continues on year after year. #beAMAzing
about 2 months ago, Julie Bastow
Picture of teachers in classroom libraries
AMAESD hosted a Post Secondary Planning Night on Thursday. Families from Alcona, Alpena, Atlanta, Hillman and Pied Piper enjoyed dinner and spent the evening connecting with area agencies to learn more about the services they provide. Grant funds through the Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan’s Youth Advisory Council were instrumental in making the evening happen. Students and families were able to connect with professionals from the community representing Alpena Probate Court, AMA ESD, Michigan Rehabilitation Services, Social Security Administration, MDHHS, Disability Network Northern Michigan, Northeast Michigan Community Mental Health Agency, Michigan Works, Social Security Administration as well as HEROES parent support group and AMA PAC (Parent Advisory Council). The evening was filled with information, networking and connections being made amongst families. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you have questions about post secondary planning for your student with an IEP, please contact AMAESD Post Secondary Planning Assistants at 989.880.2021 or 989.880.2022. #beAMAzing
about 2 months ago, Jessica Pilarski
post secondary night
post secondary night
post secondary night
post secondary night