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Danielle Hoggard
AMAzing People Doing AMAzing Things #beAMAzing
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Tracy Romel
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Christina Wilson
Teachers from Alcona and Alpena met last week for Session 2 of Classroom Libraries professional development. During this session facilitators Melissa Lappan and Julie Bastow prepared teachers for next steps --inventorying the classroom library. The goal is to make the library engaging so students WANT TO READ! Below are the resources we base our instruction on.
3 days ago, Julie Bastow
Picture of three texts used in professional development. The Commonsense Guide to Classroom Libraries, Its All About the Books, and Game Changer
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Dawn Marwede
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Johanna Evans
The AMA START Team kicked off their first training series this week. START stands for Statewide Autism Resources & Training. Training this week focused on Inclusion, Communication, Universal Supports, Visual Supports, and Peer to Peer Programs.
9 days ago, Audrie Spicer
We are still taking applications and have room in classrooms for the 2023-24 school year! Please look at the flyer for some new changes to eligibility guidelines. #BeAMAzing
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Still Taking Preschool Applications Flyer
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Audrie Spicer
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Rachel Gilin
Ever feel like a short-order cook? Does your child/ children seem uncooperative or to be "picky" about food choices? Join us, along with a registered Dietician, for an interactive/ hands-on night that allows children to explore food models, and making a healthy plate, together with their caregivers. Dinner is on us! #GreatStartCollaborative&DHD#2 #PowerofParenting #beAMAzing!
13 days ago, Angela Bruning
POP Nov '23
AMA's Instructional Technology and Data Specialist and Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Board Member Ashlie O'Connor, participated in the first session of MACUL's inaugural Women's Forum for Technology and Learning. This will be a community for women at the intersection of education and technology for Empowering, Connecting, Inspiring, Encouraging and Welcoming. #beAMAzing
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Womens Forum in Technology
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Lauren Grulke
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Geri Samp
In conjunction with local districts, Instructional Technology and Data Specialist Ashlie O'Connor attended a workshop on school innovation with keynote speaker Dr. Buddy Berry at the AgroLiquid center in St. John's Michigan. AgroLiquid has an immersive museum that utilizes technology to enhance the understanding of the farming process. #beAMAzing
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AgroLiquid building
future of learning room numbers
superintendent Buddy Berry
tractor simulator
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Erin Schmanski
The Northeast Michigan Great Start to Quality Resource Center (NEGSQRC), AMA Great Start Collaborative (GSC), and Child Care providers from Alcona county gathered to continue the work of the Rural Child Care Innovation program (RCCIP). These dedicated Early Care and Education professionals are starting a network for existing, new, and those interested in the essential field of Child Care. #Alcona RCCIP #NEGSQRC #beAMAzing
16 days ago, Angela Bruning
Alcona RCCIP
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Tracy Romel
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Rex McConnell
Preschool teachers from GSRP and Head Start classrooms attended a PD today with our very own Dr. Jamie McClintic (Occupational Therapist) on Handwriting in Preschool. Time was spent reviewing motor development in young children that relates to fine motor skills and handwriting. They also learned about how kids develop from ages 3-6 from prewriting skills to handwriting and how to use this knowledge with our writing program. In the photos, you'll see some activities that encourage children to build muscles in their hands, work on their tripod grip (3 fingers on a writing tool), open webspace (the round opening we want to see when holding a pencil), and excursion (the thumb being able to bend while forming small letters). Preschool may look like a lot of playing, but they are building essential skills for their whole educational career!
20 days ago, Danielle Hansen
A teacher pushing a popit toy inside out
A teachers hand with ladybug clothespins attached to a notecard
A teachers hand with a rabbit finger puppet
A close up of a teachers hand using tweezer to place marbles on suction cups
Two teachers using syringes to practice using their 3 point grip